Media literacy defines the critical thinking ability of the people about the complex messages of the media related provided by the television, radio, newspaper, internet and other media related technologies. If you are able to understand the complex message of the media content, then you are media literate. In this modern era, media literacy is very much important for the people for their personal as well as for the business use. It is because of the reason that the influence of the media is much more in our lives. Youngsters and the teenagers spend their lot of period on the usage of the media technologies such as the television, the Internet, and applications such as the Facebook, YouTube etc. So, media literacy is very much important for the people to ensure their survival in this modern age. As ibn battuta association doing.

Societal impact

Media literacy influences the thinking pattern as well as the decision making of the people. People consume most of their time on the social media content which influences greatly on the thinking of the people. For example, teenagers and the young generation spends a lot of their time on the internet which determines their thinking style and behavior pattern.

Media literacy is not a new concept. It was developed in the age of the printing press in the 1400s. In the industrial era, magazines and the newspaper were known as the most used media content.

Personality development impact

Media literacy determines your personality development level. More educated people have more media literacy than the less educated people. It also depends on the passion for engaging with the media related technologies. In this modern age, media related skills are very important for the people to get success in the future. Basically, your media literacy starts from the home. You begin to understand it when you watch the television in the home. It helps you to develop and modify your personality in the aspect of the gestures, postures and the communication style. So, media literacy identifies your personality development level.

Positive aspects of the media literacy

Media literacy affects the society in the positive as well as the negative manner. It helps to develop the personality in both the positive and the negative manner. We can teach our children about the media to avoid them from the dangerous activities. Media literacy helps you to become aware of the harmful effects of the drugs and smoking. It helps to know about the food eating phenomena and the impact of the unhealthy food on the body. In addition, it also aids the people in building the communication skills for themselves. It assists them to identify that how they have to interact with others and how they have to behave. It let them modify and change their habits. Through the awareness of the media, people can change their negative habits and ritualistic thoughts. Media literacy is very important for the people to teach their children about the society and how they have to respond to the societal impact that influences their personality.