In the last few years, the concern regarding the usage of social media has come to light and people are discussing the benefits of the use of social media. Many surveys and studies have been performed to understand the trend of social media usage across the globe and how people are benefiting from this trend. With or without the concern the number of people using the social media continues to expand in the underdeveloped and developing countries whereas it stayed high for the developed countries. People from the developed and the developing economies are taking the advantage of internet usage to its fullest whereas the digital divide gap begins to shrink between the wealthy and the developing economies.

A survey performed showed that between the 19 most developing economies, a steady increase has been showed in the internet usage over the last five years. Between the year 2013 and 2014 with stats, a median of 42 percent has been observed across these 19 countries saying that the use the social media or they own the smartphone least occasionally. Within just five years in 2017, the median of 62 percent was found who said that they use the internet and were online.

Smartphone Industry

A same situation was observed in the smartphone industry, during 2013 to 2014 a quarter of people of the emerging economies reported that they own a cell phone and by 2017 the number of users owning a smartphone risen to almost 42% and among the already advanced economies 72% of the people showed ownership of cell phones and this percentage was same as of 2015.

The pattern for both the smartphones as well as for internet usage has shown almost the similar trend and the number of usage and ownership exhibit the high rates in developed countries whereas in the developing and the underdeveloped economies the trend was seen to be increasing at a rapid rate thus narrowing the gap between not at all owning a cellphone to owing a mobile device. Landline phone usage has drastically decreased with the ownership of phones in both the developing and the underdeveloped markets.


Social media is one of the most popular characters for any smartphone. The increase in social media followers has been directly linked to the ability of a cellphone to operate on the internet. Which means more smartphones means more internet or social media users. And companies in underdeveloped companies try to Buy Twitter Followers Cheap from credible sources like Tweetnfollow. These high rates have been continued to show an increasing trend for the past five years, irrespective of developing or the underdeveloped countries both share the same trend which is more surprising. For example, with a survey, it has been found that 75% of the adults in Jordan told that they use social media actively, which means that almost eight out of ten Jordanians are using the internet.  The internet penetration rate is measured but the usage of internet and the ownership of smartphones. This rate has remained high in Europe and North America whereas it showed a rapidly increasing trend from the developing and the underdeveloped countries.