The Bio Lift Facial  
Herbal Facial  
Japanese Milk Facial  
Sensi Vital Facial 
Radiance Facial 
Collagen Veil Facial  
Mini Facial 
Beautifying Eye Care  
Re-mineralizing Marine Mud Wrap 
Salt Scrub 
Foot Reflexology 
Lymphatic Drainage  
Body Massages
Hawaiian Massage 
Hot Stone Massage 
Back, Neck and Shoulder 
Head Massage  
Swedish Massage (RMT)  

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Re-mineralizing Marine Mud Wrap
Allow 75 minutes - $155

Let Earth' s natural minerals replenish and soothe your skin.  This body wrap begins with dry brushing, followed by a gentle salt or body polish exfoliation. Your body is then layered with an exotic mixture of herbs in a mud, algae or cream (milk) base mask and cocooned in warm blankets. While the mask absorbs into the skin, enjoy a scalp and foot massage, followed by a massage under our ‘seven headed’ Vichy shower.  The treatment ends with a silk-emulsion lotion application.  The dry brush used during treatment is yours to keep.

Height of pampering.

Elemental Embrace Facials - Our facials are for men too!

Allow 60 minutes - $100 
Many problems with skin and hair today are due to stress and environmental toxins. Glowing, luminous skin is the result of regular skin therapy and proper home care. Our professionals begin every facial treatment with an assessment of your skincare need and our facials are all specifically catered to your skin type. The results are immediate! We use products that are perfume and dye free. At Elemental Embrace we have additional specialized treatments for various skin types.   Below are facials we offer but please do not stress as we will help you decide, although your choices are restricted by what the aesthetician deems appropriate and not contraindicated for your skin type :-
The Bio Lift :  This facial treatment is for the deeply dehydrated, devitalized, ageing and sun-damaged skin. Lift and revitalize with pro-retinol and restore the skins youthful appearance.
Herbal Facial  :  Uses extracts from tangerine tissues and a herbal mask for blemished complexion.
Japanese Milk Facial :  For the acne-prone skin, a Japanese camphor mask.
Sensi Vital :  For the sensitive skin – soothes and desensitizes leaving the skin soft, nourished and glowing.
Radiance :  Brightens and evens out the complexion, giving it exceptional luminosity. Owing to the presence of highly regenerating and restructuring active ingredients like vitamins C and E, Radiance represents a real asset for fighting against cutaneous ageing.
Collagen Veil :  A true ‘second skin,’ moisturizes and regenerates leaving the skin supple, soft and younger-looking. For that special occasion a ‘spectacular, instant glow’
Mini Herbal Facial (30 mins, $60) : Nip in for a facial even when time is of the essence!
Beautifying Eye Care ($25) :  An worthwhile addition to any of our facials above.  A professional treatment created for the care of the eye contour area; the most delicate zone of the face. It helps to reduce existing, and curb future signs, of coetaneous ageing. Wrinkles and dryness lines are less apparent, and circles and puffiness are diminished!
 Relaxation Body Massage
Allow 60 or 90 Minutes - $100 or $140
This is a massage that employs long flowing strokes to ensure deep relaxation and improve circulation.
Calming massage techniques will relax muscles and quiet nerves, a good spa introduction.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is a more medical and precise full body massage focused on realigning muscles to their natural equilibrium and promote Healing.  This treatment is performed by one of our RMT's who will provide you with a receipt which is accepted my most insurance plans.  Please specifically request an RMT (registered Massage Therapist) at time of booking.  
Allow 60 - 90 Minutes - $125 or $165

Allow 60 minutes - $100

A relaxing massage with a custom blend of essential oils. This soothing and gentle massage helps to stimulate circulation and induce relaxation through the combined sense of smell and touch. The oils penetrate deeply into the body, helping to restore equilibrium to the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and clarity of mind.
Hawaiian Massage
(Deep tissue, Full Body Massage)
Allow 90 minutes - $165

Our traditional Hawaiian ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage boasts several deep tissue massage techniques, learnt first hand by our therapist in Hawaii – on her quest for the secret to Hawaiian relaxation! This legacy of ‘techniques’ is the product of generations of contribution, and works wonders to deepen your state of consciousness and promote a higher level of healing.

Hot Stone Massage
(Heat based, Light Touch, Full body massage)
Allow 60 minutes - $100

Smooth, heated basalt stones are integrated into the massage and placed on key tension areas of the body. The warmth and energy from the hot stones transmits soothing warmth which combined with the pressure of the massage strokes, loosen and melts stiff muscles into submission. Releases stress, creates a feeling of well being, balance and a sense of wholeness. 


(Our Signature Treatment - the ultimate spa experience)
Allow 90 minutes - $220


Start with a herbal steam, followed by an aroma full body massage after which you will be cocooned with a warm Herbal Wrap while you have a mini facial incorporated with lymphatic drainage, a hot stone foot massage and a scalp massage

Head Massage
Allow 30 minutes - $50

A penetrating technique to release the muscular spasm from the head, neck and shoulder region; providing a tremendous sense of ease. This stimulates arterial circulation, increases venous and lymphatic flow, reduces stress, and aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products. It is also known to relieve eyestrain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Allow 30 Minutes, $60

Let us massage those knots and tight muscles; and take that weight off your shoulders!  You may choose to sit up in a message chair.

Lymphatic Drainage
Allow 60 minutes - $100

This is a gentle relaxing technique which drains the lymphatic system for filtration and elimination of waste. This treatment is of crucial importance for the detoxifying program. It increases resistance to disease, promotes quicker healing of injuries, allows fewer wrinkles, and eliminates dark rings under the eyes.

Allow 60 minutes $100

With its origins in Japan, ‘reiki’ literally translates as ‘universal energy’. Our reiki master focuses on fine tuning the flow of life energy through the body, promoting harmony and serenity. At Elemental Embrace, we incorporate gemstones and crystals into the treatment to balance the chakras, and create equilibrium in the body, mind and spirit.

Salt Scrub 
Allow 45 minutes - $75
A full body dry brush followed by a salt scrub under the vischy shower.  Lotion application to finish.
Allow 60 minutes - $100

This treatment concentrates on precise reflex points on the feet, based on the premise that feet represent a microcosm of the body; where all organs, glands and other body parts are represented through a specific point.
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