The allure of Ayurvedic treatment is its adept ability to cure existing ailments as well as raise your level of health and wellness. 
Ayurvedic massages are generally regarded as more luxurious and exotic than western massages as most have four hands working on you in sync, but most importantly use a synergistic combination of precious oils and carefully prepared herbal extracts.   
These are delicately and precisely created in laboratories in India by respected Vaidyas, and individually modified and mixed by our resident Ayurvedic Vaidyas, to get the perfect mix for YOU.
We have listed below a brief description of the most common treatments we offer, though our vaidyas are qualified and have the resources at hand to perform more specialized condition specific treatments as required.  The resulting aroma of these herbally medicated oils may overwhelm ones senses, however, their soothing feel and lasting effect will make one understand the true meaning of tranquility and well being.   Feel free to contact us for more information about Ayurveda if you so desire.

All treatments are for both men and women.
Please note that all allowed time includes assessment procedures.
Our oils and herbs come in directly from India and are of the highest quality.  

Vaidya Consultation
Leech Therepy
Specific treatments (series) 
Tarpana with Anjana (Eyes)  
Valuka Sweda (Joints) 
Kati Basti (Lower back) 
Hrud Basti (Heart)  
Essential Full Body Detox Treatments
Abhyanga Mardana & Swedana  
Shirodhara & Swedana  
Udwartana & Swedana  
Pinda Sweda & Swedana  
Pizhichil & Swedana  
Ojas with Swedana  
Pralepa Pradeha 
Panchakarma Treatments
Nasya (Sinus)

All prices are in Canadian dollars.  CAD $1 is approximately USD $0.85c

Ayurvedic Vaidya Consultation
Allow 60 minutes $70

A one on one consultation with our Ayurvedic Vaidyas to determine your unique body constitution and current state (Prakruti and Vikruti - About Ayurveda). Be made aware of your body strengths, weaknesses and behavioral traits could change the way you eat, sleep, exercise and your daily routine.  By knowing your own body tendencies, you can naturally create a harmonious lifestyle of good physical and emotional health, and is therefore a vital starting point to implementing positive change and treating ailments.  If you are staying at Elemental Embrace for more than a couple of nights, this is essential, as it will allow the Vaidys to suggest changes to your treatment, diet, exercise and yoga schedule to customize your stay (and treatment package) according to your wellness goal and level of commitment.

Abhyanga Mardana & Swedana (Ayurvedic synchronized massage)
2 Therapists - allow 75 minutes - $185
1 Therapist - allow 75 minutes  -  $125
 An ancient treatment using warm herbalized oils (selected according to the body type) is designed to improve circulation, remove toxins, calm the nervous system and enhance immunity.
This soothing synchronized massage allows the therapeutic qualities of the herbs and oils to penetrate deeply into your body promoting healing at the micro-cellular level. This is followed by a steam bath in the steam room, or in a steam chamber in the treatment room with herbs especially suited for your body type.  This is a luxurious and highly beneficial treatment.  It is  an essential Ayurvedic treatment, and if you are new to Ayurveda and want to try just the one treatment, make it an Abhyanga Mardana & Swedana!

2 Therapists - Allow 75 minutes - $195

 A steady stream of warm medicated oil is continuously poured onto the forehead. The oil runs over your temples, scalp and down through your hair. This is a massage of the third eye and as you lay there, you won’t want to be troubled with detail, only with the restorative sensations as you drift and dream.
A full body (including head and foot) herbal oil application begins the treatment, like a mini abhyanga.  A full body steam to help further absorb the herbs through the skin concludes this treatment.  
This is a deeply relaxing treatment which revitalizes the central nervous system, activates and regulates the brain, relieves mental tension, and induces a heavenly state of mind. Shirodhara gives best results when taken on the day following an abhyanga.
Depending on constitution and needs of an individual, Shirodhara therapy may be performed with herbalized buttermilk (Takradhara) or warm herbalized milk (Kshir Dhara)
This is a Ama (toxin) removal treatment in addition to its mental relaxation.  It is truly divine!

2 therapists - allow 75 minutes - $215

Over weight is a cause of worry for some and an invitation to several health problems such as diabetes and coronary artery disease. Many methods of rapid weight reduction often cause unwanted effects to the body.
Udwartana is a specialized herbalized treatment for weight reduction which reduces fat while retaining the texture and complexion of the skin, without causing wrinkles and sagging. Dry herbal powders are used to stimulate hair follicles and fat tissue in order to break down subcutaneous fat storage. Udwartana helps reduce blood cholesterol, obesity and skin problems whilst strengthening muscles and refreshing the body. 
Evidently slimming!

Pizhichil (Taila Dhara)
2 Therapists - allow 90 minutes - $195

Similar to Abhyanga but here the lukewarm herbalized oil is streamed in a rhythmic manner from head to toe. This is followed by a gentle synchronized massage. This specialized treatment helps prevent and alleviate skeletal and muscular ailment. A full body steam concludes the treatment.
Extremely therapeutic!

OJAS (Our Signature Ayurvedic Treatment)
2 therapists, allow 105 minutes - $275

This treatment starts out with a synchronized Abhyanga massage enables the therapeutic qualities of the herbs and oils to penetrate deeply into your body promoting healing at the micro-cellular level  The treatment then moves into an Udwartana where an exotic blend of herbs and powders are used to exfoliate and detoxify.  The Shirodhara technique takes over for the second half of this treatment to bestow a mental calmness and clarity.  A full body herbal steam cleanse concludes this treatment.  You will enjoy this treatment, and more importantly, it's lasting effects!

Swedana – (Herbal Steam Bath)
Allow 30 minutes - $55

After a brief oil application to the body, a herbal steam   bath with herbs specific to ones doshas and ailment, is administered which opens the pores to flush and cleanse the system through the skin. Swedana reduces pain in the body, eliminates toxins, promotes lightness, reduces stiffness and beautifies the skin.

Pralepa Pradeha - (Ayurvedic Body Wrap)
Allow 60 minutes - $160 

We start with a full body natural herbal oil massage before applying a freshly made herbal body mask individually designed as per body constituent. Steaming the entire body helps deeper penetration of the herbs.

Njavarakizhi (Pinda Sweda)
2 therapists, allow 75 minutes - $195

After liberal application of herbal oils over the body, small linen bags filled with cooked rice and a herbal decoction are used to massage and induce sweat. The rice comes through the bolus to leave a thick paste on your body, which cools down very rapidly, and left on for a period of time specified by the Vaidya before scooped off.  This procedure is highly rejuvenating, nourishing and prepares the individual to bear the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle. It enhances physical consistency, strengthens the nervous system and improves the overall appearance of the skin. This is a strengthening fermentation employed in neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis and malnutrition of limbs.  

Tarpana (Netrabasti) with Anjana
Allow 30 - 45 minutes - $80

Medicated ghee is retained in a reservoir made over the eyes.  This therapy has a cooling effect on irritated eyes, relieves strain, and improves vision and other eye related problems. The solution to those under eye dark circles. This treatment is enhanced by Anjana - a medicated eye cleanse.
Great for all computer users!

Allow 25 minutes - $65 (includes a bottle of the herbal oil to continue the week long course)

Allergists believe we inhale two and a half tablespoons of solid particles each day – more in cities. Although we have a good filtration process thanks to the tiny hairs that line the inside of our noses, our sinuses and the delicate tissues responsible for processing our sense of smell continue to be bombarded. Ayurveda has a treatment called Nasya whereby the face, shoulders and chest are massaged with specific herbal oil and made to perspire. A few drops of herbalized oil or powder are placed into the nose followed by a massage around the nose, and chest. This treatment is also highly effective for headaches, sinusitis, migraine, hormonal, and physiological problems.

Valuka Sweda
Allow 30 minutes - $60

A localized treatment.

A hot sand fomentation treatment; Excellent for arthritis and rheumatism. Herbalized oils are applied to the body and massaged in with the use of a bolus of warm sand.

Kati Basti
Allow 30 minutes - $60

This is a treatment for the lower back. A reservoir is built around the sacral plexus and filled with warm medicated oil. This is followed by a brief massage of the area.

Hrud Basti
Allow 30 minutes - $60

This is a treatment for the heart. A reservoir is built around the sacral plexus and filled with warm medicated oil. This is followed by a brief massage of the area.
Basti - Medicated oil and decoction
We also offer Ayurvedic herbal oil and decoction enemas.  These are often done best in a series.  Quantity within series and respective prices depend on the individual's body constitution and requirements. 

Leech Therapy
Allow 60 minutes - Call For Pricing

Leech therapy. Yes. The ancient therapy known as “the letting of toxic blood” is being offered at Elemental Embrace. The Ayurvedic detox treatment is administered by a qualified ayruvedic doctor with the help of leeches who suck infected blood and also salivate an enzyme which is said to have a therapeutic effect on toxic blood clots.

A specific type of leech is used, the length of the treatment can vary from 30 minutes to an hour and, apparently, it’s not a painful process. Leech therapy is used to cure diseases associated with aging including paralysis, hair loss and osteo-arthritis, skin diseases, inflammation. These days, the treatment is used for anti-ageing…..we hear Demi Moore swears by it.